20 People Whose Incredible Glow-Ups Will Surprise Everyone


In life, there are many things to be grateful for. What should be applauded the most is how far and how well people have progressed with their glow-ups. We all need to glow up at some time, whether it’s psychologically, emotionally, or physically, to outshine our embarrassing pasts and duckling-like appearance. You’ll agree that some people are adorable for the rest of their lives, while others require time and effort. Puberty, on the other hand, can be a harsh experience, as it has transformed people into beautiful swans or ugly ducklings.

However, it is recognized as a period during which the majority of people acquire their attractiveness preferences and standards. If you’re on the ugly duckling list right now, don’t despair; these folks have proven that hard effort and devotion can get you anywhere, and can even be truly miraculous. We’ve gathered some encouraging before and after images of self-proclaimed ugly ducklings who have transformed dramatically. You will be ecstatic. Take a peek around!

‘Thicc To Less Thicc. Weird How A Year And A Few Months Can Change Your Life’

defatbastardizerv2 -Via

‘Hasn’t kissed a boy, but is a decent violinist. Now (24): Still hasn’t kissed a boy, isn’t very good at violin, but has found some purpose in life’

casdna -Via

People used to refer to him as ‘Cheeks.’ A Lot has happened in ten years!

NoPantsSleep -Via

17 (Left) vs. 27 (Right) (Right). Is he a resemblance to Hurley from Lost?

SirFireFart -Via

Finding the Right Glasses and Physique Was All It Took.

KChen1987 -Via

‘I Am Glad Things Have Improved/ There Is A 60Kg Difference Between The Two Photos/ I Am Glad Things Have Improved’

throwaway94646 -Via

‘I Stopped Hating Every Part Of My Existence As 14 to 22 Grew Into My Face’

thugwvffle -Via

‘Let’s Just Say The Past Decade Has Been An Exciting Ride.’

[deleted] -Via

The year 2010 vs. the year 2020! She’s on a roll right now.

Uhlohaoi -Via

A person’s appearance can be transformed through weight loss, confidence, and a new hairstyle.

Do_the_Scarn77 -Via

I Lost 100 Pounds And Became A Full-Time Model

saxplayer0 -Via

2010 Vs. 2020. So Impressive!

GodzillaToTheRescu -Via

‘Me, a 16-year-old who had never kissed a boy and honestly believed she would never find love, vs. me now, a 26-year-old who is much happier.’

slicedgreenolive -Via

Lady Changed Her Look From Emo To Makeup, Blonde Hair, And Sunglasses

leo-sun-aries-moon -Via

Is He Vaccinated For Movie Star Appearances?

casual_cheetah -Via

It’s a six-year difference. Now (Left) and During An Internship (Left)

ImAnEngnineere -Via

‘I lost 45 pounds and started taking better care of myself. I’m not sure if I’m a Swan yet, but I’m no longer afraid of reflections.

johnwiggle00 -Via

Haircuts Are Important And Can Be Spectacular

Filo_NotAPastry -Via

‘I was bullied as a kid, and it still makes me feel insecure.’

___Gilgamesh___ -Via

18 years old vs. 23 years old. To Hide Substantial Double Chin, I Used To Look Up Photos

amiuglyornotmate -Via