Personal Trainer Finds Wife Cheating on Him with Homeless Man in Car, Drags Him Out


This is a Brazilian story. Eduardo Alves, a personal trainer, discovered his wife cheating on him with a homeless man she was attempting to “assist.”

Eduardo may be seen peeping into a car where he sees his wife cheating on him with a homeless man in CCTV footage. Eduardo, a personal trainer and a powerful man, first peered in to make sure what he was witnessing was real. He then proceeded to “teach” the homeless man a lesson by dragging him out of the car.

While Eduardo’s wife exited the vehicle to observe what was going on, her husband was hurling big punches at the homeless man nonstop in a fit of rage.

According to Metropoles, Eduardo’s wife and mother-in-law had left the house to assist the homeless guy. However, Eduardo continued to phone his wife but received no response. Eduardo discovered his wife had left in the car, which was parked outside a primary school, where he peered in and witnessed the incident.

His wife, who isn’t named in the news story, is a devout Christian who claims she received “a message from God” to assist this poor man in need – we’re not sure how cheating fits into the helping part, but whatever.

The homeless man was rushed to the hospital after receiving a hefty dosage of Mr. Eduardo’s fury. He was treated for a variety of ailments. The Civil Police, Brazil’s Federal District’s investigating police department, says they’re currently looking into the incident to learn more facts.