Everyone loves animals, but just like nature if you don’t treat them with care you’re going to learn a difficult lesson. These people did not live to learn a lesson. Maybe their deaths will serve as a reminder to you.

Polar Bear 

Do not try this at home.

Behind You. Watch out!

He didn’t see it coming

The hunter has now become the hunted.

Call for backup! Now!

It’s always when you think you’re safest…

Don’t Worry. It can’t come in here.

Nobody has heard from them since then.

Nope, never doing that again.

You can make it!

Crying For Helps.

She could never fall asleep on the beach after that.

Help is too far away.

In the jungle, a dead animal is a sign of food.

What the Duck?

Come here boy, it’s feeding time.

Keep swimming. Never stop.

There’s more than one!


Animals belong out in the open.