Meghan Markle has recently married to Prince Harry. The Royal wedding of the couple will be remembered by all. Not just because it was the wedding of a royal but also because Prince Harry kind of broke few stereotypes running in the family to marry the love of his life. Meghan Markle took a jump from being an actress to a royal and so did her style. The transformation of her style from being a red-carpet diva to an elegant royal is just wonderful.

See The Style Transformation Of Meghan Markle From Being A Red-carpet Diva To An Elegant Royal!

1. A still from her television show ‘Suits’, the former actress is always seen in style.


2. The Red-carpet diva doesn’t even need red-carpet to attract the limelight.


3. Meghan Markle posing in front of a camera in black off-shoulder dress.


4. The sizzling ‘Suits’ actress in black co-ordinates because black never goes out of style.


5. The transformation of her style is truly noticeable. Here she is posing in leather pants, I mean now, could you imagine the Duchess of Sussex in leather pants?


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6. The dazzling actress rocking a silver short dress with open hair and glass clutch.


7. The red-carpet diva in a bold avatar, looking oh-so-sexy.


8. Now just look at this elegant royal. The switch in her style is undoubtedly wonderful.


9. The gown that she is carrying in the picture is just enhancing her beauty. 


10. Meghan Markle always knows how to look flawlessly beautiful with simplicity.


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11. Her style transformation plays a major role in her journey from being a red-carpet diva to an elegant royal.


12. Transformation of her style never altered her classiness.


13. Meghan Markle following royal traditions, wearing a classy hat. 


14. Maybe her way of styling has changed a bit but hat remained the same is her flawless beauty. 


15. She wears elegance like one of her accessories. 


16. Meghan Markle in a classy suit which is redefining her style. 


17. The Duchess of Sussex looking in her simple sober yet gorgeous avatar.


18. If ‘elegance’ was a person, it would be just like her. 


19. Well, the hat suits her. Like really!


20. Hollywood actress transformed into a Royal beauty.

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