23 Pictures Showing The Difference Between Men And Women


Battle of the genders has been an ongoing matter of controversy through the centuries. While we struggle to determine which gender is better, there are definitely a few subjects on which both of them function differently. The obvious differences have been illustrated in the following compilation and we are sure that you will enjoy them.

1: The truth has been spoken.
Loud and clear.


2: It’s as if they transform into a different person.
Only the matter of time.


3: It’s definitely an extensive variety of women.
While men turn color blind to the details.


4: You can spot the difference almost instantly.
Depending altogether on the gender.


5: Waiting in the line, what’s that?
The concept of bathroom varies.


6: The level of importance they receive is perplexingly diverse.
In short, guy’s absence from social media goes unnoticed.


7: They see what they ought to see.
Or what they are wired to.


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8: Giving attention to everything that is important.
As well as unimportant.


9: Such planning.
And lack thereof.


10: Both genders have their priorities straightened out quite well.
Double thumbs to them.


11: The pain is real, people.
And it hurts.


12: Nothing is closer to the truth than this illustration.


13: How do men and women see themselves in the mirror.
A different way to see ourselves


14: A reflection of what we all know as getting ready.
Who does it better, huh?

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15. When they get Cold.


16. We all have heard the words ‘just 5 mins’ so many times.
And hence, we refuse to believe them.


17. When they get a haircut.


18. The vital difference between the type of footwear.
Well, let’s just say that men are blind to it.


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19. When you gotta show off, you do it like a pro.
Winning the game.


20. And of course, there is only so much pain you can handle.
The way in which you do that makes all the difference.


21. Filtering the important stuff.
Because that what you do… filter.


22. First date.


23. Even google explains the difference

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