Women empowerment or Gender equality are one of the major issues our country is fighting for at this moment. But while we discuss everything related to it every day, there’s one village named Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh which follows a disgusting custom related to women.

You might’ve heard about renting cars, houses, apartments and a lot of other stuff. But you will be shocked to know that this village in MP follows a trend of renting wives.

People in Shivpuri rent their wives for a month or even a year to the rich men who can’t get themselves married. The situation is so bad that all this is done in exchange of just a few thousand rupees.

As reported by India Times, “These men who do not have a wife or a partner simply sign on stamp papers worth Rs 10 and the deal is locked. Once this contract ends, the man has an option to renew it or move on.”

Reportedly, Shivpuri is not the only place to have indulged in such shameless activities. In 2006, a man in Gujarat sold his wife to a rich businessman for a monthly rental of Rs 8000.

It feels really disgusting to know about such trends being followed in our country.

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