Pornhub’s Top Ten Searches In 2018 Has Out: Check Out

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So, guys, Top 10 most popular searches of 2018 have been released by P*rnhub. Are you excited to check them all? What can we see from those result is that people have been treating themselves to some, shall we say, non-traditional stuff.

These reviews reveal the ‘trends, tech and types of p*rn’ that users have been watching to satisfy themselves in the year 2018.

Well, so far a total of 33.5 billion people visited P*rnhub this year. And that would be an average of 92 million visitors per day.

There has been a total of 30.3 billion searches this year. But as their yearly round-up shows, certain categories proved more popular than others.

The P*rnhub site revealed that how their searches are often manipulated by mainstream media.

Following the exposure of President Donald Trump’s non-disclosure agreement with a porn star, searches for the tanned, blonde 72-year-old peaked.

I’m joking, of course. No one wants to see that.

It was, in fact, the porn star in question, Stormy Daniels, who took the top spot for the most popular search in 2018, with the site seeing peaks in interest for her every time she featured on the news.

The runner-up is both surprising and not surprising, given how this topic took the world by storm – Fortnite.

While many people dedicated their interest in the video game to killing the other 99 players and dancing after each victory, some apparently wanted to get a little more up close and personal with the characters.