Sona Mohapatra Shuts Down A Troll Who Asked, “Why All Feminists Show Cleavage To Compete With Men”


Sona Mohapatra, when it comes to talking about topics that really matter, is considered one of the most fearless voices in the industry. Wage disparities, equal opportunities for women to sing and perform, blatant plagiarism of material in the music industry, and women’s rights, the singer talked about the concerns and problems that people who serve the community should really fix.

Recently, Sona posted to speak about the real ‘smash the patriarchy’ campaign when almost the entire film industry spoke out in support of Rhea Chakraborty and launched a’ smash the patriarchy’ movement after being motivated by the T-shirt the actor wore while being arrested by the NCB in the drug case. She said that trusting more women filmmakers with larger budgeted films and writing better roles for women would be the correct way of ‘smashing patriarchy’.

Sona Mohapatra is not new to social media haters and the shutting down of trolls. Her experience of social media will show that the singer was at the end of non-stop criticism from many over her views, but it also shows that Sona has mastered the art of a successful clawback over the years.

A Twitter user who went by the name Yogi Yogi tagged the talented singer and told her that despite being a ‘victim, she was trying to please the’ Bolly gang.’ Reading the tweet.

“Why all feminists have to show cleavage in order to compete with men… and after seeing ur few interviews i think ur a victim of bolly gang but again ur trying to woo them to be i their gang. wat a dichotomy”

“I’d suggest you treat the multiple ‘cleavages’ in your brain before talking with anyone, let alone with a ‘feminist’ trying to ‘woo’ the ‘bolly gang’’. (Cleavage, noun : a sharp division; a split.)”

“For me, simply put, feminism means women are equal to men. Neither is inferior or superior. The ideal society in the future would be one in which we all operated & thought as ‘humans’ first & gender did not play a role in the treatment meted out to anyone’s opportunities in the world. While that is a utopian dream in the current day, the reason we need to have such discussions, debates & even fights is to work towards such a future. Attitudinal change in a society won’t happen without the same. This is the ‘good fight’, & worth fighting make no mistake.”

Sona also shared her tips on the correct way to break the patriarchy, starting with actor pay equity, speaking up, and trusting female directors.