Check Out 10 Strict Rules That Kim Jong- Un’s Wife Has To Follow

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“Wife” – the better half. Its a matter of pride being the better half of a well-known celebrity. But every huge thing comes with responsibility. When you are a wife to a authority you have hell lot of people eyeing on your lifestyle.

And this is the reason the wife of the popular names have well maintained themselves. They have kept a good pace with their husband’s standard.

Here is a list of the strict rules followed by Kim Jong’s Wife to maintain with his standards.

10. The First Lady Duty

Being the first lady of the nation has its own responsibilities. Kim’s wife is a well educated beautiful woman who has maintained her role perfectly.

9. Arranged Marriage

In the world where people believe in love and search for their own partners, Kim and his wife were unknown to each other. Yes, Kim’s father chose his daughter-in-law.


8. A Rule Every North Korean Follows

In North Korea, People can’t mary on 16th February and 15th Aprill. These are the birthdays of their old rulers. They need to bring flowers to their statue on these dates.


7. To Portray Her Husband

Sol-Ju has to portray her husband’s personality. Kim has 2 women walking beside him. His sister carries traditional outfits to show his respecting side towards the nation. His wife stays western to show his liberal side.


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6. Shed Her Birth Name

This was the toughest rule to follow. Sol-Ju had to drop her first as well as last name to keep her past a secret.