‘I Made My Choices’ Sunny Leone Fears Her Kids May Dislike Her For Being An Ex Po*n Star


Sunny Leone, real name Karenjit Kaur Vohra, became famous after appearing on Bigg Boss 5. Sunny was recognised by Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt during her time on the controversial reality show, and they later visited the Bigg Boss house to sign her for Jism 2. In 2012, the picture was released, and it was a decent success.

Sunny hasn’t forgotten her history, even though the sensual thriller made her a cinematic star. For the uninitiated, she was an adult film actress who worked in the p*rnography industry for almost a decade prior to Bigg Boss.

In a recent interview, the Ragini MMS 2 star discussed her children and how they may grow up to despise certain portions of her history. She has a daughter named Nisha and twin boys named Asher and Noah.

Sunny told TOI in an interview, “There will be many things about me that my children will dislike as they grow older, and we all know what those things are. They will understand why and be able to answer inquiries that may occur outside of our home if we communicate effectively. I made my decisions, and kids should know that they can make theirs as well, as long as they do not harm others. One of my sons, for example, aspires to be a firefighter “..

Sunny went on to remark that she made her own decisions in life and believes that her children should as well. “I recently told my daughter Nisha that she can travel the world while pursuing her passions like ballet and piano. Those are the two things she is learning. Nisha is both small and attractive, and she excels at both. As a parent, I find it remarkable how much you can do with your children and how effectively you can raise them simply by being present with them and supporting them in anything they choose to do “she continued.

Sunny now has a number of interesting films in the works, including Quotation Gang (Tamil) alongside Jackie Shroff and Oh My Ghost, a horror comedy (OMG).