These Life Hacks Are Simple And May Save Your Life One Day!


Threat and danger can come anytime and without any prior symptoms. So, if you will be alert and be prepared every time then you can be safe to a great extent. So, knowing these few simple life hacks may prove to save your life one day! Check out this wonderful hack to save yourself from a great disaster.

You Must know these simple life hacks to escape danger!

1. What to do when you’re trapped inside a drowning car?


This is the biggest mistake that most of the people do is try to open the door. But, doing so will not help you at all. Rather roll down your car windows, but firstly unbuckle your seat belt. If the window is jammed try breaking it.

2. What to do when someone is following you?


In this situation What we often do is lower down our heads and then increase our pace. But, don’t do that, slow down and slowly raise your head and try to see the risk with your peripheral sight. And Most importantly, be confident in such a situation.

3. What should one do after boarding an airplane?


After settling down in your seats count the number of rows you are away to the emergency exist. You never know when you might have to use them. And therefore it is important that you know how far from the emergency exit you’re situated.

4. Try to observe people and their behavior.


One can always sense the vibe a person gives out by observing their behavior. All you need to do is keep your senses alert and try to find out the bad guy.

5. At least try and locate three exit points.


Whenever you’re at a concert or shopping malls, make sure you know at least three exit points. This will not only save your time during an emergency but will also help you find your way out faster.