6 Things That Can Happen to Your Body If You Start Wearing a Waist Trainer


Corsets have been worn by both men and women for many generations. The term “corset” has fallen out of favour in recent years, and the more modern term “waist trainer” has taken its place. Even though these clothes have minor variances, they both guarantee to slim your waist. However, they may not provide the desired outcome and may harm your health in the process.

You won’t be able to get an hourglass body.

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Your waist will appear slimmer when you wear a waist trainer. When you remove it, though, it will revert to its original shape. Even if you see benefits immediately after removing the waist trainer and for a short length of time later, this impact will not stay long.

You are not going to lose weight.

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After using a waist trainer for a while, you may discover that you’ve dropped some weight. This weight, on the other hand, is almost certainly water that you’ve shed through perspiration rather than body fat. Because the waist trainer squeezes your stomach and makes you feel full, you may shed some body fat as well. However, this method of weight loss is neither healthy nor long-term.

You’ll feel uncomfortable.

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Even if you believe you observe some tiny changes after using a waist trainer, the discomfort is likely to outweigh the benefits. In a 2010 study on weight loss, researchers wanted to explore if wearing a corset may help people maintain a healthy weight over time. They were unable to complete this section of the trial, however, because the majority of subjects refused to wear the corsets due to pain.

It’s possible that you’ll suffer back troubles.

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A waist trainer can help you maintain proper posture while you’re wearing it. However, if you wear it too much, it can cause your core muscles to weaken. As a result, when you remove it, you may experience bad posture and possibly back pain.

It will be more difficult for you to breathe.

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A waist trainer can also make breathing difficult. It can potentially lower your lung capacity by 30 percent to 60%. You may pass out as a result of this. The way waist trainers influence your lungs might cause more serious issues such as inflammation and fluid buildup.

Your organs and ribcage could be damaged.

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Because a waist trainer squeezes your stomach, it has an impact on your internal organs. This compression has the potential to change the position of your organs, as well as the way they work and your blood flow in general. Corsets should not be worn on a regular basis or for lengthy periods of time since they can deform your ribs.

Have you ever worn a waist trainer or a corset? Have you seen any results as a result of your efforts? Was it a pleasant experience?

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