Thousands of girls wearing a bikini for the BoogelWoogel Russian Ski Festival and it’s Guinness world record


This weekend thousands of people were skiing wearing only their swimsuits. There were 20000 fans just over the weekend and officially this is a record. It takes place in Russia every year, but this year record of participants, we believe the next year it can double because honestly, these girls look so beautiful and it must be so funny. Snowboarders were also allowed to take part. It took more than 4 hours for all the people to get down the mountain. There were even several foreigners from all the part of the world, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Belarus the most, but also many Indian and Chinese. During the festival will be also elected miss BoogelWoogel, but it should not be easy select just one beauty on 20 thousand. Here there are some pictures collected for you, prepare your eyes for the big impact of these images. If you like please don’t forget to share it with your friends. Would you like to join this happening next year?