20 Times People Encountered Hilariously Unexpected Things At The Airport


The airport is certainly one of the best places to get the humorous yet frustrating incidents of life. Airports can be slow, tiresome, and agonizingly infuriating, whether you’re ready to see someone you haven’t seen in a long time or you’re about to start on a vacation of a lifetime.

However, some of the unusual, humorous, and odd things that can be seen there can help to break up the monotony.

From a blind pilot to a description that states, “You must battle for your flight to depart,” some of the brilliant people featured in this storey have managed to make the best of a less than ideal circumstance.

This clearly states, “Return Luggage To Owner If Lost.”

TheRealDwightSchrute -Via

There Is One Way To Carry A Beige Neck Pillow Wrong

the spot blog -Via

Toddlers who have never met before exchange tight hugs.

preggit -Via

Meet The Suit-Wearing Man In Bikini Pants. Isn’t He Adorable?


When pilots are bored at the airport, they engage in water gun fights.

CanadianBacon9001 -Via

Have You Ever Seen A Blind Pilot?

CorkyBravo -Via

Meeting A Victoria’s Secret Model With A Perfect Shirt And Perfect Timing

trolollies -Via

This only occurs when the accordion is not permitted as a carry-on item.

ElderCunningham -Via

Before a flight, strangers met in the same outwear but in different colours. They Immediately Became Friends

ImplicationOfDanger -Via

You Either Scream Or…….. When You See This In An Airport Restroom

boyofbrass -Via

Taking a Selfie at JKF resulted in this gem being snapped before the camera reversed.

sumthininteresting -Via

The Emergency Phone Is No Longer Working

Spokes1215 -Via

How Will You Hilariously Welcome Your Female Friend Who Has Never Flew Before?

eldy50 -Via

Meet the Secret Agent who was ominously assigned to keep an eye on me by an 8-year-old.

Cavemansol -Via

Is it possible that someone strewn their puppies all over the place?

cloudform -Via

In this photograph, Grandad-Ness is well expressed.

craftbeerito -Via

So Snape now works for American Airlines.

iamgingerhearmeroar -Via

You Must Fight For Your Flight To Take Off

DoubleCaeser -Via

The kids were bored and decided to watch Avengers from behind. Boredom is no longer an issue.

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