‘Touched Mother’s Feet’: Fans Share Favourite ‘SRK Story’ That Impacted Their Lives


Shah Rukh Khan’s admirers on the Internet responded with lovely words after he displayed respect and humility in the face of difficulty. Making his first public appearance since his son became involved in the case involving the alleged seizure of cocaine from a cruise ship, Khan was visiting his son Aryan Khan in custody at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail. Aryan said in his plea that he was innocent, had not broken any law, and had been wrongfully accused of being involved in the case.


However, Aryan (23), who was detained by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on October 3, had never seen a family member before meeting them on Thursday. SRK met the audience gathered outside the jail twice while being mobbed by media personnel and members of the general public. The video was subsequently widely shared on the microblogging website Twitter, where it had something of a snowball effect as fans shared written narratives of how Shah Rukh Khan had affected their life in some way.

Chinmayi Sripaada, whose voice was used in the Chennai Express song “Titli,” recalled an occasion when Khan responded to her on Twitter.

Chinmayi also revealed how SRK called her mother’s joyous social media post to his attention and took the time to talk to her on the phone before visiting her in person and receiving her blessings.

When he arrived in Chennai a few days later, he made the effort to go through a large room filled with people who were waiting, where he eventually reached my mother and obtained her blessing by caressing her feet “I will never forget how this man made me feel, the singer continued, before writing. how it affected my mum. I knew a Superstar like him could be this sincerously, really lovely because he was such a breath of fresh air. He wasn’t required to be so kind. Though he did.”

The filmmaker Munish Bhardwaj’s narrative of a first-person account from his niece, who just so happened to be an AD on Khan’s Fan, caused another story to become popular on the Bluebird app.

“@iamsrk invited all the assistants from all departments to his place for dinner one day after wrap up. only helpers. No seniors or HODs… As a result, every assistant from every department—including production, direction, camera, sound, costumes, and art direction—was present. And he had picked thoughtful gifts for everyone’s returns. Everyone received a book regarding their area of interest, Munish stated, before adding, “My niece received a book on screenwriting and a published screenplay of a movie. And SRK personally signed each of those books.

An SRK fan shared his meeting with him.

“King of romance.”

Even those who had nothing personal to say about the superstar to share had something to say.