Two Teachers Are In Trouble After Having A 3some With A Student

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When it comes to the schools children attend in their teen years, it is important to remember the job of teachers is to shape these young minds, in a good way.

After all children spend 7-8 hours a day being influenced by their educators and other adult figures that aren’t their parents. Sometimes, sadly, educators take advantage of their students.

I report on these cases all too often for this not to be considered just absolutely sick at this point. Consensual or not, as a teacher, you should never abuse the trust a young confused teenager has for you. And abusing that s3xually is even more disgusting. Shelly Dufresne is no exception to that judgement.

In 2015, one high school teacher named Shelley Dufresne, from New Orleans, Louisiana pleaded guilty to having s3x with a student multiple times. At the time the young boy was only 16. Shelly was a married mother of three and an English teacher at Destrehan High School. Now, I am also from the south and I understand the hillbilly ways surrounding s3x with a minor in Louisiana, the consent age is 17, however the boy was not 17 yet and for the number of times Shelley had s3x with him, well, if she was a man she’d be considered a pervert.