There Was A Demand To Open 22 Underground Rooms Of Taj Mahal, Not The Court, But The Asi Fulfilled It


There are 22 underground rooms in the Taj Mahal, you must have heard this at some point or the other. However, this is correct, as the Taj Mahal has 22 such rooms that are kept shut. Recently, it was said to open these rooms and show the inside view.

This petition was filed in the court by Ayodhya resident Dr. Rajnish Kumar but his PIL was rejected. The court did not. But this petition may have been refused by the court, but the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has released some pictures showing the inside view.


More about these 22 rooms are told with photos. Agra ASI chief RK Patel has released these pictures on the official website and told that these pictures were taken only when renovation was done in these rooms in January 2022.

He has also told that Rs 6 lakh was spent in the renovation. It is also being told that rumors were spread about 22 rooms of Taj Mahal, that is why these photos have been shared. Actually it was being claimed that there is a Shivling inside the Taj Mahal and it was a temple earlier.

On the PIL of Ayodhya resident Dr. Rajnish Kumar, the court refused and scolded him. The court had said that it is not your right at all to get this information. It is also not covered under RTI Act. Historical research must be done to uncover the rooms. Therefore, the court did not consider its petition. Rather, the petitioner was advised to do MA, PhD.

Let me tell you, it was being claimed that this tomb of the Mughal period was a temple of Lord Shiva. The Taj Mahal is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.