The Unspoken Side Of Long Term Relationships Revealed In 20+ Brutally Honest Illustrations


Love is something everyone in the world needs. It’s an element like water or air that we just cannot live without in our lives. Everyone wants to feel loved. That’s why, when you do find someone to share your life with, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Love is no stranger to Los Angeles based artist Amanda Oleander, who is a highly accomplished illustrator and fine artist. She has created a series of illustrations that showcase what it’s like to be madly in love with someone, and how that love transforms over time in a long-term relationship. According to her biography at, she became an international sensation after her illustrations were featured in E! Entertainment, working as their very first in-house illustrator.

Amanda created original works for many of their articles. Since then, her work has been seen in places like NY Magazine, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, and even Vanity Fair. Her illustrations are absolutely stunning and really are unique to her personality.

Let us then explore what has made Amanda’s view on love so unique with 25 of her illustrations that can be found on her amazing Instagram account (@amandaoleander). These drawings really show what it’s like to be in love, and also in a loving long-term relationship.

1) Morning Breath Is Tolerated: In this first illustration, we can see two people madly in love with each other. Let’s face it, nobody looks that good in the morning, and furthermore, nobody smells that good in the morning either. However, when you’re in love with someone, these worries seemingly melt away. You’re just happy to be in their company.


2) Spooning Is Extraordinary: When you find a person that you love, no matter how long you’ve been with the person it’s always an enjoyable experience when that person wants to cuddle. Cuddles are what make the world go round. Spooning a loved one helps you feel safe and cared for. It’s just amazing.


3) Even Grocery Shopping Is An Adventure: It’s a lot of fun when you get to prepare meals with a loved one. A loving long-term relationship is made even better when something as mundane as grocery shopping can become an enjoyable experience. Shopping for food is fun, but it’s even more fun when you can do it with someone you love.


4) You Aren’t Afraid Of Each Other’s Bodies: This is especially true when you notice something on your loved one that they haven’t quite noticed themselves. Sometimes our bodies are gross and make something like a pimple due to blocked pores. You know someone loves you when they’re willing to pop it for you.


5) You Appreciate The Things They Do For You: In any loving long-term relationship, you take turns helping around the house. Nobody should ever share the burden of cooking all the time or doing the laundry or always cleaning the bathroom. These are shared responsibilities. It feels amazing when you have this working relationship with the person you love, but also when it’s time to do these chores, you’re always willing to put in a helping hand. Cooking can be fun, but it can also be time to flirt as well.