When Sunny Leone embarrassed herself during first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan: ‘It’s not possible…

sunny Leone, Shah Rukh kha, Laila o Laila, Item Dance

Sunny Leone and Shah Rukh Khan collaborated on a song for the 2016 film Raees. Her first contact with the star, according to the actor, was awkward and embarrassing.

Sunny Leone has come a long way since she was a contestant on Bigg Boss all those years ago. Since then, the actor has been in a number of films and recently starred in her own web series. Her performance in the Shah Rukh Khan film Raees’ dance number Laila was a career-defining moment for her. Sunny has stated that it helped her become more mainstream in Bollywood.

However, the actor once admitted that her first encounter with Shah Rukh after signing the film was pleasant.

sunny Leone, Shah Rukh kha, Laila o Laila, Item Dance

Sunny had gone on to perform on Laila O Laila in Raees in 2016, just a few months after her infamous TV interview, in which she was subjected to sexist questioning. Sunny had mentioned in interviews while promoting Raees how star-struck she was when she first met Shah Rukh on set.

“The funniest part was the first time I saw Shah Rukh on the set,” Sunny told Bollywood Life in December 2016. I was leaving the set when I saw him and struck up a conversation with him. ‘Thank you so much for including me in the song,’ I told him. ‘I’m ecstatic.’

sunny Leone, Shah Rukh kha, Laila o Laila, Item Dance

‘No!’ he responded after another round of thank yous. We are delighted to have you here.’ Then I returned to my vanity, where the lady who had done my hair had put my hair in this huge helmet curl things, and I said to myself, ‘Really?’ Is that how you appear when you meet Shah Rukh Khan?’ It’s impossible for me to remain cool for even a fraction of a second and simply say hello and meet properly. Instead, I just appeared odd.”

Sunny revealed that even though she and Shah Rukh spent a few days shooting the song and working together, she was still star-struck. Sunny stated about Shah Rukh in a different interview with SpotBoye in 2017: “I had him on a pedestal, but when I worked with him and spoke to him, he went above that.” When you see them in person, you’ll understand why they’re at the level they are.”

Sunny’s most recent appearance was as the lead in the MX Player online series Anamika, which premiered earlier this year. This year, the actor will make her Malayalam and Tamil cinema debuts with Rangeela and Veeramadevi, respectively.

She will also appear in a song in the Hindi film The Battle of Bhima Koregaon, which stars Arjun Rampal.