Woman Gives Birth At Metallica Concert: Check Out


A woman gave birth at a recent Metallica concert in what may be the most rock ‘n’ roll entrance into the world ever.

Joice M Figueirรณ didn’t want to miss the show despite being heavily pregnant, especially since the band’s South American tour had been postponed for two years owing to the pandemic.

The tattoo artist was 39 weeks pregnant when she went to see James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo perform in Curitiba, Brazil, on Saturday (May 7).

Metallica shared about the incredible moment on social media. Credit: Alamy

Thankfully, she was seated in a designated place to assure her safety amid the crowd, but Joice had not expected contractions to begin before they’d even finished their set.

According to The Washington Post, she held on as long as she could before requesting assistance from the venue’s medical personnel.

They immediately phoned an ambulance and carried her on a stretcher over to their medical tent, but it was too late.

Joice gave birth to a healthy baby boy during Metallica’s encore performance of their mega hit “Enter Sandman.”

The ambulance arrived shortly after and transported them to Hospital e Maternidade Brgida to confirm that everyone was fine.

“It was a blur,” the new mother told the publication. “Everything happened so quickly.”

“They couldn’t take him outside, so they just turned him around and assisted me with the birth,” Joice said of another man who was being treated in the medical tent for alcohol poisoning.

The story has made its way across the world, even reaching Metallica, who documented the extraordinary moment on their Instagram Story.

Credit: Instagram/@digdigjoo/@metallica

The incident was also shared on Instagram by hospital staff, who wrote: “The mother and son were treated and received all necessary care.” [We] wish the newest ‘rocker’ of Curitiba good health.”

Naturally, speculation quickly shifted to what Joice will name her child, with many speculating that she would choose a Metallica-themed moniker.

She joked that his name would be James Ulrich, a combination of musician James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich, but eventually chose on Luan Figueirรณ, according to The Washington Post.

“But honestly, since this name question has gotten a lot of attention and we haven’t registered him yet,” she continued, “we’re thinking of adding a [middle] name and putting some homage in there.”

“Remember, this is the name he’ll wear for his entire life,” Joice replied when asked if she would consider ‘Sandman.’ With the moniker ‘Sandman,’ he’ll be bullied.

“He’s already got a lot of stories to share.”