Woman jumps over passengers inside plane to get to her Window seat. Video Viral


On Twitter, a strange video of a man leaping over other people to get to her window seat has gone viral. The video, which was posted by a man named Brandon on Twitter, has left online users confused and incensed. It is unquestionably one of the worst instances of disrespectful and disruptive passengers aboard a plane.

After viewing the video that Brandon uploaded, smelly feet or constant kicking on the sofa will seem insignificant. It depicts a woman hopping over a man sitting in the centre seat with a child and another passenger while sat in the aisle seat of the aircraft.

“I’ve never witnessed anything so criminal on an airliner. Throughout the whole seven-hour flight, this woman was jumping over other passengers “Check out the caption.

Take a look:

Over 6,000 people have watched the video, which has divided online users. People were horrified by the woman’s rude behaviour and chastised her for upsetting the passenger who was sitting with a little child. Many also emphasised how impolite it was to behave that way. However, several agreed with the woman’s conduct and claimed that those who are assigned window seats frequently receive harsh comments from other passengers when they need to use the restroom or just get up to stretch their legs.

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