Nowadays people like to get extra creative when choosing how to shoot the big question. It’s not just about going down on one knee and sharing a glass of champagne anymore. It almost seems like men are in competition with each other to see who can give the most extravagant proposal. But this YouTuber might just have beaten them all with this over-the-top proposal to his girlfriend of three years.

Meet personal trainer Josef Rakich from New Zealand. Rakich is known as the ‘world’s number one online trainer’ with a successful YouTube channel and more than 750,000 Instagram followers. People love watching his videos because he’s funny, creative and hardworking. Recently, Rakich asked the love of his life, girlfriend Maryam Matti, to marry him.

In fact, Rakich is so in love with her, he decided to put a little extra time and effort into asking her. Rakich got together a full camera crew, a hot pink Range Rover (estimated to have cost around $100,000) and of course, a gorgeous engagement ring.

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Clearly, no expense was too great for Rakich in creating a beautiful proposal that his girlfriend would never forget. This past Sunday, Rakich and his girlfriend, nicknamed ‘Mimi,’ went on a helicopter ride that landed in Eden Park, New Zealand’s largest sports stadium. Lucky for us, the entire thing was vlogged on his YouTube channel from beginning to end!

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Watching the video, you can see Rakich is very anxious for everything to go absolutely perfect. Eventually, when the helicopter lands, there’s a large pink box waiting for Mimi. Rakich carries his girlfriend, who is now blindfolded, up to the pretty pink box. The two of them tug on the white ribbons together in order to open the massive gift. As the box slowly opens, Mimi cannot believe what’s inside.

She is now the owner of a massive, customized pink Range Rover. But just when she thinks that the car is her big surprise, she sees ‘Will you marry me?’ written across the Range Rover’s windshield. When she turns back to Rakich, the YouTuber is already down on one knee, presenting her with a gorgeous engagement ring.

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As you can probably guess, it only takes Mimi a second to accept the proposal. She then shares the moment with her family and friends her who were standing behind Rakich capturing the special moment. Of course, fireworks went off in the background after Mimi said yes because what’s an over-the-top proposal without some fireworks?

Check out the special proposal down below and make sure to have some tissues handy!

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