10+ Celebrities Who Are Too Good at Trolling Themselves


Celebrities have certain strengths that go beyond their career. Some are good at sports, cooking, or speaking different languages, and others are masters of their own trolling. While some celebrities on the internet may get a lot of hate from trollers which can be really hurtful, there are others who prefer to make fun of themselves first.

1. Katy Perry showing how useful her Grammy dress is

2. Macaulay Culkin is still Home Alone in 2019.

3. Rihanna has been working way too much.

Fans are hungry for new music from Rihanna but the multi-talented singer has focused on other projects.

4. Lil Nas X “admits” his video clip moves are inspired by real-life actions.

5. Ryan Reynolds and his tiny glasses addiction

Ryan Reynolds is following the phenomenon of tiny glasses. He did take it too far this time.

6. This is the way Kylie Jenner wakes her daughter up.

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Singing a soft “rise and shine,” waking up her daughter Stormi made Kylie blow up the internet. Internet users have begun a meme trend and Kylie has decided to get into the fun.

7. Josh Brolin made sure Thanos didn’t miss the 10-year transformation challenge.

8. Chrissy Teigen struggling with technology

9. Kristen Bell admitting that some people are responsible for her lazy eye.

The strabismus of Kristen Bell doesn’t preclude her from making a good joke of herself.

10. Emilia Clarke’s wig was blown off after watching the Game of Thrones finale.

It was indeed a full emotional episode.

11. Fans are always making fun of Lady Gaga for saying she’s Italian in every interview. Lady Gaga herself gave it a shot.

12. Sam Neill and his stretching routine

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