10 Crazy Expensive Things Owned By Jeff Bezos Which Prove He Is Living The Best Life

Photo: © Spacenews (Main Image)

The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, can virtually purchase anything with $131 billion sitting in his bank account. With that much money, one not only lives in incredible luxury but also rises to positions of authority and distinction.

Jeff Bezos is living proof that having access to half the world’s wealth allows you to not just live the good life by purchasing amazing things, but also to fund wacky ideas that you want the rest of the world to see.

Here are 10 ridiculously wonderful things Jeff Bezos has that demonstrate his status as a living embodiment of Richie Rich.

1. A museum for a house.

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In Washington, Bezos owns a home that was housed a textiles museum. In 2016, he invested $23,000,000 to acquire that property as his own. The property will reportedly include 11 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, 5 living spaces, and 2 elevators after renovations.

2. A top-of-the-class private jet.

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When you are Jeff Bezos, owning a private jet becomes a necessity, and the man is undoubtedly famous for flying on a Gulfstream G-650ER, one of the fastest private jets in the world.

3. A clock that will work till the end of time.

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Yes, it is what you read. When you have an empire to manage, keeping up with time is crucial. But when you can own a clock that will keep running for 10,000 years, why would you want an ordinary timepiece? The clock is being built in Texas thanks to a $42 million investment from Bezos.

4. A 10,000 square feet apartment in New York.

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5. A 141-year-old newspaper.

© NY Times

Jeff Bezos acquired The Washington Post, one of the top newspapers in the US, back in 2013. He paid $230 million for the transaction, making him the owner of the 141-year-old daily.

6. A commercial rocket factory.

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The production of rockets for commercial usage is reportedly Bezos’ most ardent passion project (apart from Amazon, of course). Bezos invested in the business to lower the cost of space travel for “ordinary” consumers.

7. A robo-dog.

© Twitter

Bezos tweeted about a “robot dog” in 2018. The robotic dog, known as Spot Mini, was apparently developed by Boston Dynamics. Given that Bezos referred to the dog as “my dog” on Twitter, it is assumed that he owns it.

8. A house in Hollywood.

© Variety

Bezos is the owner of a Spanish-style mansion in Beverly Hills, California, which is regarded as one of the most well-known neighbourhoods in Hollywood. The seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom property reportedly boasts “a greenhouse, a sunken, lit tennis court, a big swimming pool, four fountains, and a six-car garage,” according to a Business Insider story.

9. A lakeside home in Seattle, next next to Bill Gates.


It was purportedly purchased by Bezos for $10 million in 1998. A 20,600 square foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom villa and an 8,300 square foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom residence are both located on the 5.3 acre estate.

10. An expansive Amazon campus in Seattle.

© USA Today

Bezos spent $4 billion to build his Amazon facility in Seattle, which spans four city blocks. Reportedly, a copy of a tropical forest may be found inside one of the structures, The Spheres.