10 Gadgets That Will Bring You Directly Into 3019

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We were absolutely fine with basic phones just 10 years ago and we wrote real letters to people on paper. Nowadays we have loads of applications on our smartphones, a digital wallet and a camera. Today, scientists and engineers are not done working hard to impress us with their new developments. Many of them are already part of our everyday lives, and others actually exist as ideas for the moment.

1. A cat toilet with a self-cleaning function

© litter-robot 

The laziest (or more progressive) cat owners have already bought their pets the automated cat toilets. The robot litter box knows how to drop the waste into an enclosed container, and the user has only to open it, empty a complete bag and throw it away.

This “smart litter box” is very futuristic in design. It’s pricy, by the way, but it’s probably worth $450.

2. The smartest hoop

© vhoop 

Despite unique equipment, it’s hard to imagine single sports and exercise routines in the 21st century. U.S. Hula Hoop fans mounted sensors on this piece of sports equipment and behold the VHOOP, a smart hoop.

The smart hula hoop has a motion sensor, which monitors your exercise intensity and sends the results to your smartphone. With global scores and a list of its best users, VHOOP has a workout mode and a competition mode.

3. “A smart condom”

© britishcondoms

The British Condoms company recently launched its newest product, a “smart condom” called I Con. This looks like a workout bracelet except it’s meant for a different part of the body and tracks different behaviours. It can not prevent pregnancy or disease transmission but its developers are trying to remedy that.

During a round of sexual intercourse, the sensors track the operation — length, strength and speed of motion, the most common positions and their frequency, the temperature of the organs and the number of calories burned. If the users wish, they can share their achievements with other platform users.

4. A suitcase travels on its own.

© cnet / youtube

The ForwardX company has invented a special suitcase that can follow its user, particularly for frequent travellers who can’t imagine their life without travelling.

You won’t need any joysticks or arduous commands to use it. It is attached to a smart bracelet and rolls alongside its owner independently. There’s a regular handle there, too. The suitcase is not currently in mass production and has not yet been revealed the price for it.

5. Robot bees

© channel4  

Like in one of the episodes of the “Black Mirror” TV show, the Walmart company applied for a patent to build robot bees. The company strongly promotes the conservation of the atmosphere and “pollinator robots” will work for this effort too. The drones will perform all of the roles of real bees, except for making honey, according to the engineers. What does know what they’re going to come up with, though? It will help save lots of plants in the near future and grow agriculture in various parts of the globe.

6. Smart hive

© honeyflow 

Several years ago some Australian businessmen took out a patent for a really easy-to-use special beehive. The compact beehive can be built like a birdhouse and helps you to accommodate not only the bees but also extract the honey. So much so that the project inspired the users of one crowdfunding site that they already achieved their target and began development. Now the entrepreneurs are once again using crowdfunding to raise capital to launch a new, updated beehive model.

7. Night light for a toilet

© illumibow 

Looking at some innovations, you could smack your head with your palm and scream, “Why wasn’t it me who created this?!” One of those innovations is IllumiBowl — a quite simple lamp. This is placed under the rim of the toilet and illuminates the entire room around it. Just imagine that every time you go to the bathroom you don’t need to turn the light on.

8. A pocket spectrometer scanner

© linksquare 

If you care about healthy eating and natural climate, the LinkSquare pocket scanner is certainly designed for you. This system lets you examine everything around you – food, liquids, and other materials.

Using it in the kitchen, while shopping or commuting is very convenient. This will tell you for example which product is fresher. Technology never stops changing and we hope these will be mounted on our smartphones one day.

9. An eye mask that helps you stop snoring

© VVFLY Electronics / indiegogo 

For a long time, a Chinese business VVFLY has been researching human sleep issues. The developers were trying to build a gadget that would improve sleep quality and solve the snoring problem.

According to the manufacturer, their smart eye mask helps normalize breathing and get rid of snoring thanks to the unique vibrations. There is a reason to believe them: their production is no longer a pure prototype. It’s mass-manufactured now.

10. A mask that your conversations secret

© gethushme 

This app, called Hushme, looks strange but it serves a very important purpose: it holds a secret of everything you say. This tool can let you speak anywhere over the phone, without upsetting anyone around you. It’s very useful but may need a little improvement on the way it looks.

And, yes, Hushme will mimic Darth Vader’s voice.

Preview photo credit britishcondoms