Well, According to a popular public opinion, men look better with beards. But do they? The latest internet challenge encourages men with facial hair to share selfies they took while looking straight up, and the hilarious results prove that hairy chins aren’t sexy from any angles.

Check Out This hilarious funny selfie of their beards.

1. Hello, cousin? Will it be you? I assume the character of the Addams Family may have forgotten to straighten his hair. And, where are the top hat and glasses? You can not trick us, Mr.


2. Test the masterpiece. If Photoshop and accessories are just not your thing, then that’s what it’s all about, a sharpie and a “actor.” Having the internet laugh doesn’t take long.


3. Ch-ch-ch-chia-chia! When you don’t have the time or energy to grow your own Chia Pet, you’ll only be able to grow something similar. No irrigation, no eating, just toileting.

4. It looks like this man is putting his shirt on for added impact backwards. When you stare at it for long enough, you can see that it begins to look like the back of the head of a man. He lacks a collar but has a mohawk killer.

5. If the idea itself does not look weird enough for you, your dreams will be plagued by those next-level photoshop skills. The Coneheads Remember? Which has to be the terrifying new wave of alien travelers.

6. Oh how quickly a goatee can turn into a mohawk. That “hairdo” is probably not even in need of gel. It sort of looks like the back of the head of a super hairy boy. Too weird.

7. A sharpie and other props will go a long way, as you can see. Would this sound like someone familiar to you? Reddit users have pointed out that the Muppet character looks like Beaker.

8. It looks like men with a little bit more hair will produce some very interesting results. Does this guy remind you of some unique half-human, half-giant you might know about? Since I am receiving vibes from Harry Potter. Hagrid it is!

9. Emojis, the finest from sliced bread. Who would have thought we would see one of those “creatures” giving us nightmares. This little “guy at the back” is cute.

10. Red-bearded people really seem to like the theme. In this photo a famous redhead comes to mind. Put some glasses into the neck of this guy and he’d just look like Ed Sheeran?

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11. Call those fire engines! The smoke that comes out of the mouth of this guy gives the impression that the hair of his neck is on fire.

12. This is a PSA to all the people out there who want to do that, if you’re beardless, don’t do it. When you do, you’ll end up looking like a … well, I hope you’ll be able to come to your own conclusion.

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