10 Incredible Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Undertaker

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE

1. He Was A Promising Basketball Player

He was a basketball star. Aside from wrestling, shoot fighting being his beloved sport and he also had a keen interest in the sport of basketball. Taker played basketball for college and then played for the Texas Wesleyan University between 1985 to 1986.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE


2. Paul Bearer Was Undertaker’s First Manager

Paul Bearer was the Undertaker’s first manager. Many people know the Undertaker’s debut match involved brother love’s aka Bruce Prichard, he had introduced him into the WWE and was then later joined by William Moody aka Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer had actually been his manager way before this he was in none other than Taker’s Pro Wrestling debut match as Texas red where he fought Bruiser Brody in WCCW. Undertaker was actually steamrolled in that match and he lost in three minutes.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE


3. Undertaker Is A Businessman

Undertaker invests in real estate. When Taker is not at the funeral parlor shaping coffins from wood, he has a side business in real estate with partner Scott Everhart. Together they have invested in a multi-million dollar building dubbed as “The Calahart”.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE


4. BSK Pride

BSK pride is a tattoo that is found across the Undertaker’s stomach the initials stand for Bone Street Krew. This was a crew that was mainly believed to be formed by Rodney aka Yokozuna. Other members include Taker, Savio Vega, Henry Godwinn The Godfather, Bryan Adams, Rikishi, Paul Bearer and Mr. Fuji. The group was mainly formed to combat unfair politics and influence of the clique which contains Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and Triple H.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE


5. The American Badass

Taker moniker during his 2002 return was an American Badass, but did you know that he was also half Irish and American Indian by descent.
Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE

6. Hollywood Star

Suburban Commando was mostly known to be a lame movie involving an alien named Shep Ramsey who crash landed on earth and had to spend time in America suburbia until his spaceship was fixed. I’m honestly not making this stuff up! The movie starred none other than Hulkamania himself. Hulk Hogan even though Hogan was the star of the movie, a small role was given to Taker as Hutch to play as one of the hired goons to capture Hogan. The film was a commercial flop and this was the first and last time we would probably see Taker in a movie.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE

7. Undertaker Vs Sting Has Already Happened

The dream match of Undertaker versus Sting has already happened. The famous what if a match between Undertaker versus Sting at WrestleMania had actually already happened except the match didn’t happen at WrestleMania or in the WWE. In fact, they were shown in a dingy house show in WCW. The match was aired in September 1990, just a number of weeks before he made his full debut as “The Undertaker” in the WWE at Survivor Series. Taker instead faced sting as “Mean Mark” Callous and lost.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE

8. Kane “The Undertaker”

While he officially debuted as “The Undertaker” during the 1990 Survivor Series. He competed as Kane “The Undertaker” in pre-tape matches prior to his live debut. The name was of course dropped and reserved for Undertaker’s half-brother Kane.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE

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9. His Nickname Is Wendy!

In an ROH wrestling shoot involving Jim Cornette and William Moody of course otherwise known as Paul Bearer. Moody confirmed that his personal nickname to “The Undertaker” is Wendy due to his natural ginger hair.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE

10. He Has A Phobia Of Cucumbers

It’s pretty funny that the Undertaker being nearly seven foot tall, big red Texan has a phobia of a vegetable, and that particularly being a cucumber. William Moody told in a shoot that one day they stopped at a gas station to fill up, he desperately needed to use a bathroom. Taker showed no mercy and made him fill the tank first which resulted in him peeing his pants.

Undertaker, fighting , wrestling, WWE

Undertaker found this extremely hilarious and the story quickly spread around the locker room. How did he get his revenge on the Undertaker? Aware of his bizarre phobia of cucumbers, he proceeded to fill the dead man’s hat with the green vegetable and topped it to the absolute breath. When Taker picked up the hat and caught a sight of the cucumbers, he legitimately freaked out and vomited.

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