10 Life Hacks Phone Users Swear By

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You can do a bunch of things with a phone that most people wouldn’t even imagine. It can become anything with a little effort, from a scanner to a wallet! And that’s just the beginning of the fun things you can do with phones when you’re thinking outside the box.

1. Always keep your old phone models in case of an emergency.

2. “Hide some money behind your phone case or in the battery compartment, just in case you ever forget your wallet.”

3. “If your phone supports wireless charging and you are shopping, you can wirelessly charge through the packages on some power banks.”

4. “Create your own Dolby Surround System with a regular phone & cardboard box. Do not forget to punch some holes for air!”

5. “Stupidly simple phone holder for our phones with wallet cases.”

6. “Changed the one earphone rubber to black. Black is right, white left, to quickly see which is which.”

7. Your phone can be used as a portable scanner… look for the application under Notes and send to your computer.

8. “Put an image of a currency conversion chart as your phone’s lock screen photo for quick access when travelling abroad.”

9. “In my line of work, I have to constantly provide my work phone’s MAC address… so I made it part of my home screen.”

10. “Forgot my camera and tripod at home, but still had to get some family pics.”