10 Signs That You’re Dating A REAL Man Not A Little Boy


6. More often than not, the main thing a boy is attracted to is your beauty. But, a man appreciates your beauty but he fell in love with you for your personality.


7. A boy lives in his own world, where he thinks that he is knowledgeable about everything. A man knows that he isn’t, and is always open to learning new things. 


8. A boy is concerned about how you appear in front of his friends. A man doesn’t care what anyone thinks as long as you two love each other. 


9. A boy is scared of making commitments. He will always dodge the wedding topic, and might not even approve of you two living together. On the other hand, if you’ve been dating a man for a good amount of time, you must have already moved in together.


A man will be clear about what he wants from this relationship, and if he truly loves you, he would address that you two can get married in the long run.


10. A boy is possessive towards you, while a man is protective.

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