Check Out These 10 Tactics Can Make You A Social Media Star!

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Do you always wonder how your friends take such cool pictures and upload it on Social media that makes you feel jealous and dull at the same time because you don’t get click your pics such cool? nowadays Social media is the need of the time and these ten hacks will make you social media star. Since they have been tried and tested, we can tell you that they definitely help increase the numbers!

These 10 Tactics Can Make You A Social Media Star!


This is what everyone needs but you will find it someone hardly has. Perspective is essential when you click a picture and on a grid system like Instagram or even your Facebook gallery or a video medium, perspective works the best. This one, for instance, is one of the best ways to shoot a proposal frame!



People love hypothetical views and capture as much as they love a cold chocolate dessert on a stuffy, summer afternoon and by this metaphor you’d have realized it is gold for social media!



Everyone loves things that are cute – be it the big, strong guy from the neighbourhood or the soft old lady in the subway. Everyone loves to find something adorable to crush on and trust me it could be anything – from your pets to your plants to your loved ones, to babies of neighbours and even food or sky. Make it cute to make it work!