Check Out These 10 Tactics Can Make You A Social Media Star!



It is so natural to want to be crazy and cool for the unknown world. Yes, you may not be the most interesting human on the planet and yes, you may be the only one still finding solace in the 50 Shades series but a friend, trust us – Your fictional crazy is good, I mean really crazy is great. But so is the fictional one!



A lot of pictures work because of recall value. There are so many poses that are repeated time and again and again and again. But they just never get old. Like the leaning tower of Pisa pose or the one with the Taj Mahal. Get yourself into a situation to make one of these iconic, done to death but supremely loved poses and click away!



Nothing works better than a good composition and symmetry is the key to achieving this. It not just calms down the hidden OCD in you but also helps in breaking the frame in a grid – something that is very useful in the overall look of the profile!