10 Things That We Shouldn’t Let Other People Do to Us


The only one who is really able to manage what’s going on in your life will be you and not another. We rely on our families to help and support us until we are adults, but once we reach adulthood it is crucial that we make our own choices. We will learn how to reduce the negative effects of those who do not wish us well and also defend ourselves from it by not allowing our hearts and minds to be corrupted by the thoughts and opinions of others.

Never let people:

10. Drag you into senseless debates

Do not waste your time trying to prove anything to a person who has already made up his mind and who only accepts his own truth. Yes, there are people trying to understand you but they can’t understand you. But there are people that don’t want to learn too. Is it worth the time and effort?

We can say the same about people that are just misunderstanding you and not getting you. The thing is, that’s not your problem. So just leave it the way it is. A series of claims made is no reason to be proud of themselves. Moments are much more meaningful when you manage to keep calm and let the situation go.

9. Make you feel ashamed about your past

There are people who are always able to remind you of your shortcomings and past failures. But all that happened is part of your life experience and you should never let anyone make you feel ashamed. No matter what your history holds, note nobody could change it.

You open up a person’s heart, and they use it to push you into a corner and assert yourself. That kind of person is harmful to our happiness. Everyone has their own secrets and history of the past. Don’t worry about being judged.

8. Deceive you

The more you try not to notice somebody’s lies, the faster your reality will be replaced. Do not keep silent if you catch someone lying. Your persistence will only make things worse and make the liar believe the manipulation is working. And that is when people constantly start lying.

Do not repeatedly tolerate lies, and do not allow yourself to be manipulated by others.

7. Convince you that changes are bad

There are people who fear the changes. We do not want to move on and get to know something new. So you should keep your opinion real, and try not to let others affect you. All in all, in uncertainty and fear, govern certain men.

Life-changes often have many benefits. We need to make them feel alive, and move on. And sometimes it’s the harshest interactions that get us to where we need and want to be.

6. Abandon your favourite hobbies

You feel happy when you are doing something that’s really important to you. If your hobby makes you smile and make you happy, then you’re heading in the right direction for sure. Don’t let others stand between your happiness and yourself. If someone doesn’t share the same passion, that’s their dilemma and you certainly shouldn’t be bothered about that.

The ideas and opinions are yours. Hold on, grow your skills to achieve your goals and make all your dreams come true.

5. Convince you that you need more

Feeling thankful for what you have is very important. If you’re challenging yourself for impossible things and letting people do the same, you’re letting yourself down. And appreciate what you’ve got. It is here that your happiness begins.

A constant desire for more typically isn’t a reason people like to give more. If you don’t complain and coerce just as much, people would be more willing to give you more than if you were to ask for more constantly.

4. Convince you to take risks

After wasting time and effort, it is impossible to achieve anything. Sure, there are people who manage to comfortably achieve their goals. However, those are exceptions to the rule. People have different solutions to different situations and behave as they see fit and as they want to. The actions of somebody might not be how you want to act and that is perfectly normal.

Believing in yourself and your future is the start of the road to success.

3. Talk you out of putting in more effort

Sometimes when a target is nearly achieved we experience certain difficulties that annoy us. Caring people realize this is when you most need their support and they try to cheer you up, or even help you out. But there are those who can cause you to doubt yourself, too.

Persevere. As we struggle through difficult times, we get stronger. We should bear in mind our ideas and be following them. You realize how important your feeling is when you achieve your goals. Don’t let someone else’s opinions influence your future. Remember starting out is the hardest part, but that’s how big and important things come to be.

2. Keep you from chasing your dreams

As we have said before, valuable things do not come so easily. The path to success is often paved with many challenges, including critique, disapproval, and bad reviews. And they can beat us. Especially when our relatives and friends don’t believe in us.

Everybody’s facing criticism and other difficulties at first. But those challenges are making us stronger. If you know what you really want, then follow your dream no matter what happens.

1. Choose your friends

Illustrated by Leonid Khan