12 Unplanned Movie Mistakes That Only Made Them Better


4. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark — the fight

Initially, it was planned to shoot a long fight scene with the bad guy in black, but that day Harrison Ford didn’t feel well. Steven Spielberg didn’t want to interrupt the shooting schedule and invited Ford to just shoot the enemy, which he did.

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3. Django Unchained — the dining room scene

Leonardo DiCaprio was so much into his actions that he didn’t notice he’d cut his hand. Quentin Tarantino decided not to stop the shooting, and that’s why the scene appeared to be so fascinating. Well, it’s just more evidence that Leo deserved his Oscar, even if he got it for a different movie.

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2. The Usual Suspects — the police office scene

A collective bout of laughter in this scene was not initially planned. The reason for this reaction was that Benicio Del Toro broke wind several times during shooting. This explains why Gabriel Byrne covered his nose with his hand.

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1. Captain America: The First Avenger — the touch

Hayley Atwell confessed that the moment when she touched Captain’s America chest was not initially planned. In fact, she was so fascinated with Chris Evans’s perfect body that she just couldn’t resist the temptation. It was not very polite from her side, but the director loved that gesture and decided to leave it in the movie.

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