15 Photos That Were Taken At The Right Moment And Right Time


The beauty of the photo can be increased if it is taken at the right time with the right angle. A good camera in good hands gives some awe-inspiring photo results. Don’t believe us? These photos will give you the proof of my above statement. A photo taken at the right moment gives another dimension to it and that’s what these photos are all about.

Check out these stunning photos taken at the right moment and at the right time.

1. Water water everywhere

The beauty of this image can’t be defined. The photographer must have been waiting for quite some time. For it’s taken at just the right moment.

2. Better luck next time

A photo taken at the right moment can change the way you look at it. But I do feel sad for the bird.

3. Ouch!

Ok, that’s gonna hurt and it’s going to hurt badly. Can you imagine the photographer’s determination for this shot? Without an iron determination, it’s impossible to click such a photo at the right moment.

4. Flying mode

I am not a mere cat. I am a flying cat. That’s what this image is saying.

5. Adventure

This is an adventure at it’s best. The correct moment click gives an eerie feeling to this photo.

6. Body fat

So, it turns out body fat is not always a bad thing. Body fat and the correct moment gives this photo that special element.

7. Photo with an emotion

This photo perfectly gives the feelings right before a disaster hits. Isn’t it a perfect shot?

8. Acute or obtuse?

Cudos to the photographer for giving us this perfect photo. There couldn’t have been any better moment to take this shot than this.

9. Disaster

Another image with the hint of an upcoming disaster. This too gives the impending sense of disaster.

10. Where’s the harness?

Now, this looks a bit scary. How often do you see a kid in the air?

11. That right moment

I can’t imagine the right timing. Hats off to the photographer.

12. It’s bound to be painful

I wish there was a connecting shot for this photo.

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13. Let’s fly

You have seen flying cat and now it’s time for a flying basketball player.

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14. Special effects

It’s the magic of the right moment click. Don’t confuse it with a special effect frame.

15. Decision pending

It’s hard to say who’s the talented one, the photographer or the girl.

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From shock to surprise, an image has the power to convey it all.