15 Reasons The Indian Navy MARCOS Are The Best In The World

commando, escape, attacks, operation, skills, probation , Marine

There are special forces and then there are the Indian Navy’s Marine Commandos or MARCOS. The Indian military’s elite unique force, that specializes in the whole thing from counter-terrorism to underwater operations and sabotage to anti-piracy ops. thanks to this huge field of operation, they have got not only served at the excessive seas however also been called in at some stage in Op Vijay, better called the Kargil war. here’s what makes them the fine inside the international.

commando, escape, attacks, operation, skills, probation , Marine

1.MARCOS have been raised as the Indian Marine unique Forces (IMSF) in 1985. two years later, they were renamed the Marine Commando Force (MCF). Their motto is – The Few The Fearless.

commando, escape, attacks, operation, skills, probation , Marine

2. Turning into a MARCO or a Marine Commando is not a cakewalk. Trainees need to go through one of the world’s hardest courses that can be remaining among -and-a-half to three years, depending upon the specialization.

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commando, escape, attacks, operation, skills, probation , Marine

3. Getting selected to be trained as a MARCO itself is difficult. The pre-training method, which incorporates a three-day physical fitness and aptitude test, sees nearly 80% applicants being screened out. A 5-week-long ‘hell’s week’ follows this, which includes sleep deprivation and intense bodily training. people who make it through, or don’t end on their very own, really continue to the real schooling.

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commando, escape, attacks, operation, skills, probation , Marine

4. Those that clean the selection then start undergoing the grilling process which incorporates primary education at INS Abhimanyu in Mumbai. The trainees then taught para jumps at the Paratrooper training school in Agra and a diving path at army’s Diving school in Kochi.

commando, escape, attacks, operation, skills, probation , Marine

5. After this primary schooling, they join – on probation – their respective group for advanced schooling. This consists of training for counterinsurgency, anti-hijacking, anti-piracy, clandestine operations, surveillance and reconnaissance, amphibious operations, unconventional struggle, and hostage rescue, amongst others.

6. All MARCOS are static line para jump qualified and a few are qualified for freefall (HALO/HAHO) para jumps – excessive Altitude Low beginning and high Altitude excessive starting. In truth, MARCOS are the handful of the special forces from around the sector which can be able to be para-dropped into the sea with the whole combat load.

commando, escape, attacks, operation, skills, probation , Marine

7. MARCOS are also skilled in excessive Altitude Commando path at the Parvat Ghatak school in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, on the desolate tract war college in Rajasthan, excessive Altitude struggle college (HAWS) in Sonmarg and Counter Insurgency and Jungle battle school (CIJWS) in Mizoram.

8. Their education makes MARCOS difficult nuts to crack. An Indian MARCO on an exchange program in the US topped the united states military SEAL course effortlessly.

9. After finishing touch of schooling, a MARCO serves with the elite outfit for 3 to 5 years.

10. The MARCOS are prepared with some of the great weapons within the international. The gadgets are prepared with the Israeli Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle to which a forty mm grenade launcher may be connected. The TAR-21 is weather sealed, so a MARCO can emerge out of the sea, weapon drawn and geared up to shoot. A frightening sight for the bad guys!

11. different guns consist of the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun for near zone battles, the SIG Sauer P226 and Glock 17 pistols and the Druganov and Galil sniper rifles and OSV-ninety six semi-car heavy quality anti cloth rifle. apart from the weapons, in addition, they perform man subs, the Italian CE-2F/X100, for accomplishing covert underwater operations.

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12. The MARCOS operations are the stuff of legends. Op Pawan in Sri Lanka, an operation to explode the Jaffna jetty, noticed MARCOS swim 12 km to their target with their combat load in tow. They then slipped in without being detected and blew up the harbour with explosives. They had been immediately fired upon by means of the LTTE. The commandos returned fire and managed to swim lower back to the ship without any casualties.

13. In 1988, the MARCOS, as a part of Op Cactus, thwarted an attempted coup in Maldives. They captured the boat with 46 mercenaries and their hostages that had escaped after the failed coup attempt.

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14. at some stage in the Kargil war, the MARCOS have been tasked to adopt covert operations behind enemy strains. throughout the Mumbai attacks in 2008, they stormed the Oberoi Trident and Taj hotels in which the terrorists had been killed.

15. Even the terrorists in Kashmir are frightened of the MARCOS and talk to them as ‘Dadiwala Fauj’, way to the beards they put on a disguise.