15 Most Unfortunate Things Happened To People They Ever Imagined


Most people are not lucky in this world. We cannot win the lottery all the time. Sometimes fortune is with us, sometimes not. We cannot predict what is going to happen with us in next hours. You can run out of toilet paper or your poop can cost you 100 pounds from your wallet. These types of unfortunate things can happen to us anytime.

So today we will show you most unfortunate things happened to people they ever imagined.!

1. I have not seen anyone beaten by a tide. Tides are not able to go in and out according to your jump time.


2. It’s quite easy to tell that she is suffering from her choice to tell her grandpa about Tinder. 


3. Getting Caught While Taking A Selfie In Peace Sign Is The Most Unfortunate Thing That Can Happen To Anyone.



4. When You Are Caught Taking A Selfie And Forced To Lower Your Peace Sign.


5. When You Are Lost In Your Enthusiasm And Warm-up Session.


6. Savage! Can Be Couple Goals Or Totally Shit!


7. This Happens When You Are Living In Alaska And Go To Roof Instead Of Your Room.


8. Why Will Someone Go On A Date With A Guy Who Even Doesn’t Know How To Use The Space On Their Paper Efficiently? Katie, You Dig It!


9. I Think He Is Looking Very Elegant But I Am Not The One Who Wants To Get Covered In Snow Sitting Inside The Car In A Frozen Wasteland.

10. If You Are Having A Bad Day And Someone Just Bought This Watermelon.


11. Starbucks Really Try Hard To Misunderstand Your Name But They Can Really Handle Rapid-Fire Custom Coffee Order Under No Problem. 

12. Great Idea But Worst Execution. 

13. Her Focus On Her Food Is Really Unbeatable. You Will Never See Her Laughing Again When The Main course Arrives.

14. I Seriously Think That Your Phone Is A Transformer And Will Try To Kill You In Sleep Because It’s Samsung Now And Might Explode Anytime.


15. Seriously This Is The Worst Hit-n-Run Note I Have Ever Seen.

After all these unfortunate things happening to people, it’s important to stay positive and not to be bitter. So laugh at these misfortunes and let them go.

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