17 Biggest Controversies Of Big Boss


1. Cat-fights between Rakhi Sawant and Kashmira Shah

Season Bigg Boss 1 saw the well-known controversial queen of India, Rakhi Sawant, clashing under one roof with Kashmira Shah. With a plan in mind, Kashmeera soon turned everyone against Rakhi Sawant.

On a good note, the two started this series but quickly became rivals as the show progressed.

2. The Return of Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi re-entered the house after being evicted in the fourth week, bringing gifts from their families for the other housemates. This stirred controversy among contestants, with some finding their story hard to believe.

3. Raja Chaudhary and Sambhavna Seth: love, intimacy and fight

In the Bigg Boss, both had a nasty friendship. Before becoming very close, they also harassed each other. Even during the series, they were caught kissing.

4. Another section of phoney sentiment: Rahul Mahajan and Payal Rastogi

Rahul took a stab at playing with Monica Bedi who appeared to be resolved to not succumb to him and afterwards made Payal Rastogi his next objective.

Afterward, Payal claimed that she was involved with Rahul Mahajan while they were doing Bigg Boss. She additionally uncovered that Rahul hit her twice during the show.