17 Free-Spirited Teachers who are The Coolest of Them All


A teacher’s job is not an easy one at all. Having to deal with a group of kids with all kinds of characters, likes and dislike. Having to put up with the faculty and yes, the few ungrateful parents too. But even after knowing that it’s not an easy job to take up they still go for it because they love teaching, and they like to spread knowledge.

While some teachers are quite strict and obedient, there are some who are a little free-spirited, the ones who aren’t uptight and like to have a little fun here and there with their students. They are humans too, of course, they deserve to be carefree at times.

Here are the group of teachers whom you’d wish were your teachers back in the days.

1. Professor of Microbiology takes the entire class with a Darth Vader costume on. 

Everyone in that class, we are jealous of you.


2. A professor who skates to his classes every day like a boss.

We want to be as cool as him when we grow old.


3. This Math teacher completes the student’s doodle on the test paper.

Draws a wizard who is very strict in letting people free.


4. Look at these three teachers getting creative with the yearbook photos.

Why can’t most teachers be like them?


5. When the chemistry teacher is fed up of students making out near his class.

This notice is right on all terms.


6. Another chemistry teacher tackling with firs while having practicals.

This looks like a movie or something.