18 LOL-able Situations Proving That Our World Wasn’t Made for Tall People


Males are roughly 5’6′′ tall and females are about 5’2′′ tall over the world. And it appears that the entire planet was created on these numbers. Tall people occasionally have to deal with a slew of minor annoyances that make life a little more difficult. Let’s take a look at what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

“They said there would be great views.”

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“Welcome to my life on a daily basis, everywhere.”

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It appears to be a toy plane with a real man aboard.


When at least three issues collide: a tall persons issue, a small restroom issue, and a shoddy design issue.

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“And then the bus comes to a sudden and abrupt halt.”

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Every problem has a clever answer.

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Because tall folks aren’t only inconvenienced on planes.

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“I get honked at a lot because traffic lights are tough to see.”

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At the very least, there are enough figures to go around.

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Finding a proper residence, let alone clothing, can be difficult at times.

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At the very least, you’ll know there’s no mess up there.

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“I’m hoping for beautiful dreams.”

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“We have the cleanest chests and the dirtiest heads in the world, tall guys.”


“I bought this shirt on the internet… It was also a standard length for the model. It’s a good thing crop tops are back in trend.”

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Tall folks might avoid looking at their tired puffy eyes in the morning by using mirrors.

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“The race day photos turned out fantastically!”

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It hurts my eyes to look at this.

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“Hi there, spider!”

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What is your stature? Do you have to cope with any challenges as a result of it?

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