19 Touching Tattoos That Show the Power of Love

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You must have seen people going crazy for the Tattoos. Earlier people used to make a tattoo for only looking cool and were a part of fashion but things have changed now. People now get the tattoo done for expressing the love for their special someone.

Check Out These 19 Touching Tattoos That Show the Power of Love

1. “Tribute tattoo for my best friend who passed away”.

2. “Dad’s last 3 heartbeats”.


3. “This tattoo represents life and death and that they can both be a beautiful thing”.


4. Things dads do for their children.


5. When the unexpected happens:

<h3″>6. Her deceased grandmother and grandfather are now forever 2 little birds on her shoulder.


7. A soundwave of his grandmother’s laugh.


8. This breaks our hearts into pieces.


9. “My boy Corbi is always close to my heart.”


10. Sisterly love is infinite.

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