Travelling to places is among the best feelings in the world. The feeling is enhanced by multiple times when the city is a big old one, that has a lot of places to visit, and every street is a sightseeing itself. Similar is the case when someone visits New York, in New York, USA. The place is absolutely stunning and is very well known for its amazing skyscrapers, amazing bridges, Madison Square Garden, the Broadway, and a lot more.

This photographer moved to New York, from Los Angeles recently who previously lived in Detroit. He discovered his passion for photography while he lived at Los Angeles, and now keeps it fresh when moved to New York, and he has absolutely made it worth NY showing us a lot of pictures of the Big Apple. He said “I absolutely loved every second of it. But I wanted to filter the madness and confusion — a great metaphor for life in general, I think — into something more manageable. My attempts at doing just that — taming the anarchy, capturing the surrealist essence of New York — gradually crystallized into what is now my “Coincidences” project. Ultimately, “Coincidences” is my love letter to New York, and to the infinite number of magical, ephemeral and serendipitous moments that make it a city unlike any other.”

Scroll down to see the best coincidences captured on the streets by the photographer!

  1. Does he play the role of Giants in Game of Thrones?

2.When you are so talented to make the graphite without even trying.


3.Mirror Mirror on the wall, what is one of the best coincidences of all?


4.When you are totally annoyed with your work and this happens.


5.  This girl has no name because she has a lot of faces.


6. Could Mickey Mouse really travel in the subway like this?

7. Isn’t this one of the best coincidences and looks perfect?


8.Need some upliftment? Try this.


9. When you are fed up with your life like everything you do is going wrong!


10. Would you not want to be The Weeknd too? We would certainly do.

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