20 Clever Survival Hacks That Can Help You Escape the Worst


Alexander Oboimov, an Arctic explorer, will never forget how one of his students saved a whole team that was under attack by a hungry polar bear, by undressing himself. At first, the student dropped his gloves and fur hat and saw the bear pause. Once he saw that this worked, he then dropped his jacket too and the polar bear stopped to sniff it while they all managed to make it on their boat and getaway.

  • If a polar bear is chasing you, drop clothing items like a hat or gloves and run away. They have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and it will most likely stop to sniff them, giving you more time to get back to safety.
  • When you travel, remember to always leave your itinerary with someone. In case you come across dangerous people, let them know that someone’s waiting for you where you are going at a specific time. This way you are not an “easy” victim.
  • If in an emergency you need to get through a locked door, kick hard right next to the handle, near the lock, and avoid using your shoulders or back. The lock will break more easily.

-> If you’re on a bus and robbers get on, pretend to be asleep. This way it’s likely that they will not bother with you, because they need to pay full attention to their surroundings.

-> If you call 911 — always state your location first, followed by the problem. If you happen to get cut off before you can say what the problem is, at least the police have a location to send an officer to, to check it out.

-> Electrical fires usually smell like fish and urine when exposed to heat. So if you smell something like that in your house or building it’s likely that you are in danger.