20 Clever Survival Hacks That Can Help You Escape the Worst


-> If you need to perform CPR on someone, don’t stop until the EMTs take them. CPR isn’t supposed to wake up the person, but it’s supposed to prevent brain damage by forcing the blood to get to the brain. And try to find somebody to alternate with, because you’ll probably get tired quickly.

-> Don’t try to put out a grease fire with water, the flames will only get worse. You have to smother it.

-> If you happen to be in a burning building and there is a lot of smoke, crawl to find the exit with your feet not your head in front of you. This way you won’t risk falling down a staircase and getting seriously injured.

-> If you are kayaking and your kayak turns upside-down, you should unleash yourself and swim deeper down into the water to escape the kayak, instead of trying to flip it over, which might not happen.

-> Never use bleach and ammonia-based cleaning products at the same time. The mixing of these 2 things releases toxic vapours called chloramines, which can kill you if inhaled.

-> In the case of heart-attack doctors advise taking an aspirin. You should chew the pill and swallow it with a glass of water, instead of swallowing it whole. This way it will be absorbed faster.

-> If a person asks you for the time in the street, don’t just look down at your watch. Instead, raise your arm slightly so you can see your watch and keep eye contact with them. They don’t want your full attention, so they’ll get disoriented.

-> If you are about to cross the street and see the reflection of the sun on the windshield of a coming car, don’t cross, the driver might not be able to see you because of the sunlight.

-> On the rare occasion that you are under attack by a moose — those creatures are huge! — try to find an opportunity to get behind a tree. Moose have a blind spot in their peripheral vision, they will lose you, and you can escape easier.