20 Clever Survival Hacks That Can Help You Escape the Worst


-> If you fall into cold, open water try to float first to calm yourself down and resist the urge to swim. With your breathing and body under control, you can then start swimming to safety.

-> If someone gets stabbed, do not remove the knife from the wound. The knife — or any other object — acts as a plug to the injury and reduces blood loss. Try to apply pressure around it with a piece of fabric and call an ambulance.

-> Holding your ground against a pack of wolves might sound terrifying — and it is — but will eventually cause them to back off. Their instinct is to hunt their prey, they want to chase you.

-> If you realize that you are being followed, hug the first person you find while whispering to them about what’s going on. It’s highly likely that they’ll pretend to know you and walk with you to safety.

-> If you happen to start choking when no one is around to help, you can perform the Heimlich Maneuver on yourself using a hard surface like the back of a chair or a table. Push one fist with your other hand into your stomach while bent over a hard surface.

-> To make it out of a moving car alive and with a minimum number of injuries, you need to put one foot down and take a step out instead of jumping out. This will reduce your speed a lot.