20 Clever Survival Hacks That Can Help You Escape the Worst


-> It’s a myth that you cannot report that someone is missing in less than 24 hours. Actually, reporting it sooner gives you a better chance of finding them safe and sound.

-> What you need to remember to survive a black bear that is chasing you is that they climb trees really fast, but have trouble running down a hill because they gain too much speed because of their weight. So, instead of going up a tree, head for a hill.

-> A good tip for drivers, if you realize you are being followed by a stranger’s car, turn on the left turn signal, but turn right at the last minute.

Young woman snorkelling underwater looks at a large whale shark. Philippines

-> When you’re diving out in the open water and you realize that all the fish have suddenly disappeared or started jumping out of the water, this is not a good sign, it means that sharks are approaching. The same thing applies to the forest with small animals and predators. Sudden quietness is never a good omen.

-> Leaving the lights on in the house at night is not safe because it works like a beacon for burglars. Most robbers believe that house owners leave the lights on when they’re on vacation, to pretend they’re inside, so it seems like an easy target for them.

-> If you are near-sighted and you lose your glasses and are in need of something on the fly, quickly try to make a tiny hole using your index finger and thumb. The image you see through that will always be sharper. You’re using your finger as if you’re using binoculars.

We are sure that these hacks are useful, but we hope you’ll never have to use them. Have you ever found yourself in danger and acted wisely in the heat of the moment? Share your stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit depositphotos.com
Illustrated by Polina Chernevina for BrightSide.me