Life can get boring at times. Every single day you go through life in a monotonous pattern waiting for the moment when something fun and exciting will happen allowing you a glimpse at the certainty of not everything being a crude moment.

Not anymore, though. Lying on the bed like a log, impatiently clicking a pen, wondering when that moment is going to occur is a fruitless exercise. It’s time you take the leash of your life in your own hands, sit in the driver’s seat and go one like there is going to be no tomorrow.

When I say the aforementioned things, I do not mean you do anything illegal, but instead, stare at pictures powerful enough to make your brain cells explode in amusement. This is going to be a joyous ride for you as boredom is soon going to be a thing of the past.

1. Being a gymnast while commuting.

2. Spitting on the floor is considered to be bad manners. Don’t do it, people.

You gotta use the cup.
3. “Stay away from me, crocodile.”


Or not. Come to mama.
4. How much beauty can one single picture embrace?

The answer is a lot.
5. Being a cat is the best thing ever. Now, everyone can be one.
All you have to do is use cat paws for the task.

6. Looks like everyone needs a clean pair of underpants.

7. Did the TV just melt into oblivion?

8. These jeans can leave you scarred for life.

9. Paint your body until there is nothing more left to paint.

10. That’s not gotta fit in the garage, sir.

His dreams are bigger than the garage.
11. The perfect spot to take a picture from.

Did anyone scared of heights?


12. That unicorn was definitely asking for it. Look how cute that thing is!

13. I wonder what will happen if she misses.

Someone take a picture of that moment.
14. The transformation is quite astonishing to be believable.
15. That crop t-shirt is looking dope on you, sir.
Where did you buy it from, though?

16. Wait. Why would you need pockets in those?

17. This car has quite an attractive backside.

18. Let’s not make things this literal, McDonald.

Plus, this is a bit of an oopsie movement.


19. This girl’s eyes are really freaking you out, aren’t they?
20. Is Wolverine up for a complete makeover?

This is definitely a cooler version, though.
21. This little girl got some swag.
22. Who the hell lies down on a sofa like that!?

23. This is a great example of underwater photography.

24. Well, I’ve never seen a tattoo cuter than this.

25. Girls nowadays are like: