Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are the two of the hottest Hollywood hunks ever. They have the best biceps and a perfect superhero body. They portray the roles of Marvel comic characters, Thor and Captain America respectively, and they both have given the right judgment to their characters. Here we bring you the bicep war images between these two:

Watch Out!


You Watch Out!


It’s On!!






Let’s Start!


Yeah, Bring It On!


No No Not With The Kid!



Pose Hot!

Not A Big Deal!


Let’s Move this To the Beach!


I Like it Here!


Bro, Workout!


Nah, I’m Fine!


Seriously Dude!




It’s Fun!


Ohh, You Said Funny! Haha!


I Own This Beach!


Oh Noooo!


You Have Perfect Biceps!


I Know!


Just Kidding, I Win!!


Oh, You are Kidding Now!




Oh, I Want That Beer!


Yeah, Keep On Running!


I Have The Biggest Biceps!


Yeah Sure!! LOL!


I’m Coming For You!


Let me Get Dressed First!


Playing Basketball is My Thing!


Going For Surfing Is My Thing!


What About Modeling!


Be Serious Dude!


Oh, Ok!


Ok, Just One Pose!!



I Told You!!


So, Who Do You Think Should Win The Battle!!

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