20 Rare Twist of Coincidences that’ll Make You Lost in Wonder

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What are the chances that something really surprising happens, like you bump into a person who is dressed exactly the same as you head to toe? You’d say it’s a coincidence and maybe walk it off but that little tinge in your mind will keep you wondering. The universe works its way and surprises us with things that we don’t have any explanation for. Time plays a big role here because if it wasn’t for the time we wouldn’t be seeing such a ‘once in a lifetime’ moment.

Anyways thanks to the internet that had many of these situations in a collection so that we can sit and enjoy the show at ease. Get ready to ride this roller coaster.

1. If those cars belonged to the building’s owner and s/he really liked that colour, it’s understandable.

Because there is no other possible way.

2. “My brother just travelled halfway around the world and we’re wearing the same f**king clothes”.

They are incredibly handsome and those tattoos, man!

3. A married couple in China discovers they were captured in the same picture as teenagers.

4. Looks like they found the guy on the poster behind.

He should check up for acid refluxes.


5. A nurse in California discovered her colleague was a patient she cared as a premature baby 28 years ago.

If this isn’t an inspiration, I don’t know what is.