25 Sculptures That Are Too Beautiful for This World


Female beauty has been praised by poets, artists, and musicians since the beginning of human existence. Sculptors managed to reveal a woman’s contrariety. By chiseling gracious figures out of stone or marble, they convey a woman’s 2-fold nature: fragility and power.








Richard Stainthorp has been creating sculptures out of metal wire for 20 years. His sculptures are especially exciting when portraying female characters with their smooth and beautiful outlines. According to Richard, working with wire is the same as solving a puzzle, but he loves it.




This mysterious and sensual sculpture is situated in Cimitero Monumentale di Staglieno, the famous cemetery in Genoa, Italy.




Jean-Michel Bihorel amazed the internet with his extraordinary digital sculptures of women made of flowers. They are very creative and fantastically beautiful, are they not?




Italian Vittorio Tessaro managed to recreate a woman’s body with its entire grace, praised by poets, though from present times.



American sculptor Benjamin Matthew Victor knows how to convey erotics in bronze. His works of art are spectacular, and they express every feature with exquisite detail, making his sculptures almost alive.


“Glass Slipper” by Philip Jackson an award-winning Scottish sculptor, noted for his modern style and emphasis on form. Acting as Royal Sculptor to Queen Elizabeth II, his sculptures appear in numerous UK cities, as well as Argentina and Switzerland. Philip Jackson describes his art in the following words: “My sculptures are essentially an impressionistic rendering of the figure. Where you see the figure seemingly grow out of the ground, the texture resembles tree bark, rock, or lava flow. As the eye moves up the sculpture, the finish becomes gentler & more delicately worked, culminating in the hands and the mask, both of which are precisely observed & modeled.” #philipjackson #sculpture #sculptor #glassslipper

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Philip Jackson is a Scottish sculptor whose every piece of art tells a fascinating story. His creations are so expressive that it’s hard to believe they are made of stone and not flesh and blood.



The giant sculpture Ecstasy by Karen Cusolito is made from processed steel. Its outline, gestures, and curves demonstrate the female nature and also reveal the doubts and desires of the present.







Sculptor Gosia from Toronto creates gentle images of femininity and reveals a woman’s inner world.


Adam /2017

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Antonio Corradini is a Venetian sculptor who lived in the 18th century. He is famous for his exquisite workmanship with marble. His beautiful female stone bodies covered with veils still amaze spectators with their realistic impression.


Roots of fire /2013

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Adam Martinakis creates digital sculptures, which delight with their fragility and curiosity of images. Adam speaks to his viewers through metaphorical visual messages, and his works leave no one indifferent.

Bonus: Ghost Girl

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Ghost Girl is the creation of British sculptor Kevin Francis Gray, and this sculpture is hard to forget. The face of the “girl” is covered with a veil, which symbolizes her rejection of the current reality.

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