This 25-year-old restaurateur from Mumbai is featured in Forbes India’s ’30 under 30′ list

restaurant , dream, research, desire, Business Management, pursued

restaurant , dream, research, desire, Business Management, pursued

Mumbai-based Shraddha Bhansali recently made headlines after being featured in the Forbes India 30 under 30- 2018 list. This 25-year-old started her own restaurant two years back and was recognized by Forbes for successfully achieving her dream.

restaurant , dream, research, desire, Business Management, pursued

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Born and raised in Mumbai, Shraddha’s father is a businessman, and her mother is a homemaker. She was perpetually fascinated by the art of cooking, and would carefully look at her mother when she cooked. She has learned incredibly from her mom, and become highly inspired by her mother to open a restaurant.

After finishing her schooling from Mumbai, Shraddha went to America for further education. She pursued her graduation in Hospitality and Business Management from Boston College at some point in the years 2010-2014.

Following her graduation from Boston University, Shraddha back to India and started working in a 5-star hotel. However, she had a dream of starting her own business, and she expressed this desire to her parents. They supported her decision, and she decided to quit her job.

After quitting her job, Shraddha began her preliminary research before starting out on her own venture. Once she was confident about being able to manage her own business, she opened her first restaurant, Candy & Green, in Breach Candy, Mumbai. This project was financed by her father, and what is unique about her restaurant is that the ingredients used in food preparation are grown in the restaurant itself.

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Built on 400 square feet, a kind of vegetables is grown on the restaurant roof. It is a vegetarian restaurant that provides Chinese, Italian, and Thai cuisine, apart from the traditional Indian food. Shraddha assures proper hygiene is maintained in the restaurant, and the food menu is also changed on a seasonal basis.

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The restaurant has become broadly popular and is also visited by film stars and other famous personalities. However, Shraddha wishes to start another restaurant which can also cater to the common man.

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